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Original Kolonáda spa wafers - round

Traditional crisp spa wafers are a popular gift to bring back from your travels and ideal to serve your guests when they come to visit. Delight your nearest and dearest with traditional nut, chocolate or vanilla wafers.

Kolonáda oplatky kulaté
  • Original spa wafers


    195 g Vanilkové

    A unique combination of crisp, round cocoa wafers and smooth, creamy vanilla filling. The pack contains five wafers.

  • Original spa wafers


    175 g Oříškové

    Crisp, round spa wafers filled with a unique mixture of hazelnuts, sugar and cinnamon that is sprinkled on by hand. Kolonáda spa wafers are packed in a cardboard box, seven wafers to a box.

  • Original spa wafers


    200 g Čokoládové

    Crisp cocoa spa wafers filled with a delicious creamy chocolate filling are a perfect gift for the chocolate-lovers around you. The pack contains five wafers.

  • Kolonáda oplatky dóza
    Original spa wafers


    175 g Kolonáda oplatky dóza

    A gift pack of round spa wafers filled with a traditional mixture of fragrant hazelnuts, sugar and cinnamon. The elegant metal box makes this a popular gift from visits to Mariánské Lázně and a typical souvenir for foreign visitors to the Czech Republic. The pack contains seven wafers.